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Version: v5


There are many different options to test native functionality depending on your target platforms and needs.

Run Locally in a Web Browser

One of the most powerful features of Ionic is that the majority of your app development can happen right in a browser on your desktop. With full access to traditional web development tools (Chrome/Safari/Firefox dev tools), you can write code then test/debug it quickly without having to recompile or deploy to a simulator or device.

To do so, run ionic serve from the command line in the project's directory:

$ ionic serve
> ng run app:serve --host= --port=8100

[INFO] Development server running!

Local: http://localhost:8100

Use Ctrl+C to quit this process

[INFO] Browser window opened to http://localhost:8100!

With ionic serve running, continue developing your app. As you save changes, the app reloads with those changes applied.

When implementing native functionality, use Platform Detection. When you're ready to test on a real device, see here for iOS and Android.