Ionic Native Enterprise Edition


一般的なエンタープライズ・ユース・ケースに対する強力なソリューションを使用して、開発を迅速化するためにIonicチームが構築し、サポートします。Ionicの増え続けるソリューションライブラリは、Native Enterprise Editionで構築するあらゆるアプリケーションにすぐに導入できます。

Ionic Native Enterprise Editionには、Ionicアプリで使用できる信頼性の高いネイティブAPIと機能のセットが含まれています。 Ionicチームによって品質管理され、維持されます。

Ionic Native Enterprise Editionとは

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Contact Us
Maintainer OSS Community Ionic
Regular Release Cycles & Updates No
Support SLA & Ticketing System No
Advisory & Support No
Security & Bug fixes OSS Community
Implementation Guidance No
Guaranteed SLA No
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In order to provide the best experience you should make sure you're using the Ionic Enterprise Cordova CLI as the regular version can have issues with scoped plugins.

npm uninstall -g cordova npm install -g @ionic-enterprise/cordova

Register Your Product Key

If you already have an app you can simply register the product key for your application using the Ionic CLI and following the provided prompts.

# in your app root ionic enterprise register

Running the register command should generate a .npmrc file in you app directory and update your ionic.config.json it is safe to commit both these changes to version control so that CI and other team members can restore the plugins from a fresh clone of the repo. Now you should be able to install Ionic Enterprise plugins that you have access to by following the instructions on the plugin docs page.

ionic cordova plugin add @ionic-enterprise/plugin-name


Authentication & Security

Common Device Features

Integrated Services

Offline & Data


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